Facilitation, consultancy and policy development

The key to effective service provision and a supportive and dynamic work culture, is taking a holistic approach. My decades of experience helping organisations to improve their effectiveness have spanned large scale and smaller programs in the government and NGO sectors. This work includes:

  • design and delivery of highly evaluated learning programs
  • facilitating consultation processes to identify the needs of staff, service users and other stakeholders
  • developing policy that effectively addresses issues identified through these processes.

Some of this experience is described here


I can help you plan and facilitate large or small forums, including  conferences, consultation meetings and team development days.

I am adept at quickly creating a safe and respectful environment to support the discussion of sensitive or challenging attitudes, beliefs and issues.  I can assist your organisation or team in developing a range of creative approaches to address challenges or conflict.


I can help you to:

  • promote organisational change using a holistic and systems approach to aligning staff development, policy, supervision and management initiatives
  • design learning programs to effectively address participants’ needs, including experiential learning approaches
  • develop consultation processes with consumers and other stakeholders to improve the quality and accessibility of your services and projects
  • address diversity and equity issues in your service delivery and training programs.


I have experience in policy development at a state and national level in relation to mental health and well-being, as well as issues of diversity and equity.  This has included best practice and training guidelines for cross-sectoral and whole of government implementation.  In-depth consultation with stakeholders at all levels, including consumers and their families, workers and managers has been integral to this work.