Our book Interpersonal Psychotherapy for adolescents: a clinician’s guide (2021) is published by Routledge.

The book’s focus is on adolescents and young adults. Much of the content is also relevant to a wide range of clients, from childhood to old age. This is especially true for the material concerning holistic assessment and formulation; assessment of attachment; and adjusting interventions to suit the client’s attachment style. These approaches can be helpfully integrated into other interventions outside Interpersonal Psychotherapy. The same is true for strategies to address the four problem areas, or focus areas, of IPT: Grief and loss, Interpersonal disputes, Role transition and Interpersonal gaps. These four themes aren’t unique to IPT clients but they permeate many client presentations. 

The book is rich in strategies to maximise client engagement and self-efficacy, including working transparently with the client and adjusting the therapist role to begin, progress and conclude therapy in the most effective ways. If you are familiar with our work it won’t surprise you to know that the case studies address a range of diversity issues, including gender, culture and sexual orientation. The guide includes many new clinical tools and resources that weren’t included in previous training and literature.

Further information about the book and purchase at Routledge here