We offer a range of professional development to those working with young people and adults.  We specialise in Interpersonal Psychotherapy; Grief, loss, transition and change; Holistic approaches to mental health and wellbeing; and a range of related topics. We also provide facilitation for groups, conferences and gatherings as well as consultancy in policy development.

Our workshops teach evidence-based approaches and use creative and innovative methods to engage you in enjoyable learning processes. Our methods include experiential, reflective and modelling activities. We present relevant theory and up-to-date research and help you apply it in concrete ways to your practice.

In addition to developing your knowledge and skills, we believe professional development can provide much more.  Self-care is key to effective professional practice.  Our workshops encourage you to review your work and provide opportunities to reflect on your personal experience.  Participants often comment that they leave a workshop feeling refreshed, inspired and reconnected to their original motivation for choosing the work they do.

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