About me

Anthony Hillin, B Soc Stud, M Adol MH, Certified IPT trainer

I am passionate about helping people to provide respectful and effective services. These are key ingredients of a civil society.  I enjoy the challenge of developing learning programs to equip staff with the knowledge and skills necessary for best practice. I aim to help organisations provide a supportive culture in which both staff and service users can thrive.  I am committed to raising and maintaining the standards and quality of delivery, experience and outcomes.

I have 30 years’ experience as a clinician, trainer, forum facilitator and consultant. I work with issues of loss, transition, conflict, sexuality, culture and mental health.  I grew up and studied in Sydney then worked in the UK for 17 years, initially as a social worker and senior youth worker.  I helped to establish and manage some of the UK’s first counselling and health promotion organisations dealing with HIV, gay and lesbian issues. I then worked for 10 years as a freelance trainer and consultant assisting organisations to respond effectively to issues of HIV, grief, sexuality and diversity. After relocating to Australia, I was employed as a counsellor with the Family Court of Australia and also manager of a child and adolescent mental health service.

I worked at the NSW Institute of Psychiatry for 12 years, where I co-developed Australia’s most comprehensive interagency training program in adolescent mental health for the NSW School-Link and Queensland Ed-LinQ initiatives.  This involved me delivering a suite of  five two-day workshops in depression, anxiety and related issues to over 4,000 mental health clinicians, school and TAFE psychologists, social workers and other staff. I also co-developed and delivered the NSW Aboriginal Grief and Loss Training Program.

For more than 20 years I have returned to the UK to conducted workshops focused on grief and loss, mental health, team building and organisational change.  My training and consultancy has been commissioned by over 100 agencies in Europe, USA, India and New Zealand.  I am a certified trainer in Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) with the Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute and in addition to providing training in IPT in Australia and the USA I also provide clinical supervision for therapists.

I am fortunate to co-deliver professional development with some of the best presenters available, including Dr Rob McAlpine and Vanessa Edwige.